Keep our environment clean and its residents safe!

Sustainability is very important to us.

Our focus is on nature and its health and we try to do our best to protect our environment.

That is why we:

  • Recycle!
  • Use only ecological cleaning agents!
  • Use only ecological care products like shower gel and shampoo!
  • Do not leave the door open while heating!
  • Do not let the sauna run while not in use!
  • Try to save water while we dish wash, shower or clean our teeth!
  • Do not flush oil or other harmful agents into the drain!
  • Never use any kind of herbicides or pesticides in the garden!

Lake Side Lodge Pääskylä is cleaned only with ecological cleaning agents from the Finnish brand «Olehyvä». Your bed linen and towels have also been washed with ecological detergent to protect the waters.

Ecological wash tabs for the washing machine and washing powder for your laundry are at your disposal.

Lake Side Lodge Pääskylä provides ecological shampoo and shower gel, which you are welcome to use during your stay.

The water that runs down the drain passes through a natural drainage. There are three drainage stages before the cleaned wastewater reaches the lake. But not everything can be filtered. That is why we ask you kindly not to flush down the drain any kind of foreign substances such as oil, grease, non-biodegradable cleaning agents, herbicides, fungicides, pesticides etc!

The toilet water is conducted in a separate container. The content is emptied regularly and disposed of professionally.

Keep our environment clean and its residents safe!